Botaş Salt Lake Natural Gas Storage Complete

Botaş Salt Lake Natural Gas Storage Complete

Project Description

Salt Lake Natural Gas Underground Storage Project, approximately 40 km south of Salt Lake.Aksaray, Sultanhanı.

In the first studies made by TPAO within the scope of the project, thick layers of salt were encountered and the availability of the region to be used as a storage was investigated.In 2000,three-dimensional seismic studies, two exploration drilling and core analyzes were carried out in the area within basic engineering works.The information obtained indicates that the salt layers in the region can be used forstorage purposes.

In this context, salt dissolution is provided by pressing fresh water to wells that are opening at depths of approximately 1,100-1,500 meters in a salt layer starting at a depth of 600-700 meters and an average thickness of 1,500 meters. A total of 12 caves (artificial cave) with physical volumes ranging from 630,000 to 750,000 m3, it is formed.With the completion of 12 caves, it will reach about 1.2 billion m3 working gas capacity, and daily up to 40 million m3 gas will be given to Turkey natural gas network.

What was done?

•  Infrastructure and superstructure of drilling locations

•  Construction of 5 pumping stations road, excavation, filling and rough construction from Hirfanlı Dam to Sultanhanı

•  Construction of buildings and electrical works in main control building and surface facilities

•  Construction of concrete roads and drainage channels of surface facilities

•  Landscape studies of surface facilities

•  Disposal of solid waste and transportation to cement plants

•  Establishment and operation of Mobile Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

•  Construction of 3 helipads

•  Construction of excavation and infrastructure works for Surface Facilities and drilling locations

Project Photos